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Winter’s Beauty – a poem by Therese

The little fairies fly, they dance across the sky, so beautiful and grand, a winter wonderland. The soft and gentle breeze, as crystals hang from trees, the birds have flown away. With each and every day, the frost seems to … Continue reading

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Therese – the last couple of weeks

Paris was so awesome! I already blogged about the beginning of Paris, so I guess I’ll skip to the Eifel tower. It was amazing, but not exactly the color i was dreaming of. It was kind of like a dark … Continue reading

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Gardiner Fam question of the day: “what would I be doing today if it was the last day of my life?”

(question asked at table at a restaurant in Le Blanc, France) Maddy: I’d be in a helium, floating, blow-up church. Sitting in it praying. Or in a floating mall, shopping. Therese: I’d be going to confession and riding horses. Grace: … Continue reading

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Gardiner Fam at some restaurant in Le Blanc, France (not far from Fontgombault)

Adam: They’ve got a lovely rear terrace, a place for Maria to play, and the prices seems reasonable (seems too good to be true – I’ll let you know how the food is in a bit). Meat and potatoes, (the … Continue reading

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Therese on Paris

On our way to Paris… I woke up in the morning and was too excited to be lazy and hang around in bed, so I jumped up, zipped downstairs and started packing and cleaning so we could leave the farm … Continue reading

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1st post by Therese re. our trip to France

This is my report about the ups and downs we’ve been through on this trip so far, but in the end we’re going to make it. First, let’s start with the cruse; the endless buffets, luxury cafes, soothing pools and … Continue reading

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