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Life on the road update from Grace

This whole trip has been a big change in my and my whole family’s life. Its really hard to live in such a small place, I mean it’s really small! And I’m always close to my family; I mean, that’s … Continue reading

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Grace’s Update from Paris to La Salette

Well, let me think… we haven’t really written a post for a while, we’ve been really busy, so I’m going to give you an update all the way from paris to now. OK, The Eifel tower… we climbed 1/2 way, … Continue reading

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Gardiner Fam question of the day: “what would I be doing today if it was the last day of my life?”

(question asked at table at a restaurant in Le Blanc, France) Maddy: I’d be in a helium, floating, blow-up church. Sitting in it praying. Or in a floating mall, shopping. Therese: I’d be going to confession and riding horses. Grace: … Continue reading

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Grace on Paris

The ride to paris, well… was not so fun. We were all crunched up in the car, and Maddy was sick. The whole entire time she was moaning, and finally she got out and vomited on the side of the … Continue reading

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1st post by Grace re. our trip to France

We had a great time on the cruise ship; everything came easy. But the second we got off things got a lot harder. Since we didn’t have our rental car, we had to deal with taxis and trains for hours … Continue reading

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