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Gardiner Family on a very cool farm in Limousin, France

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Gardiner Fam question of the day: “what would I be doing today if it was the last day of my life?”

(question asked at table at a restaurant in Le Blanc, France) Maddy: I’d be in a helium, floating, blow-up church. Sitting in it praying. Or in a floating mall, shopping. Therese: I’d be going to confession and riding horses. Grace: … Continue reading

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Gardiner Fam at some restaurant in Le Blanc, France (not far from Fontgombault)

Adam: They’ve got a lovely rear terrace, a place for Maria to play, and the prices seems reasonable (seems too good to be true – I’ll let you know how the food is in a bit). Meat and potatoes, (the … Continue reading

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Do Whatever Brings You Back to Your Heart and the Heart of God

This message from John Eldredge hit home for me this morning (hope you benefit too): Against the flesh, the traitor within, a warrior uses discipline. We have a two-dimensional version of this now, which we call a “quiet time.” But … Continue reading

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Gardiner fam at Normandy farm

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A Quick Clarification

Hello Readers! Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “I hope things get better for you” email, so I thought I’d better clarify a bit what I’m doing with my posts, etc. First et me say that things are going … Continue reading

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Paris Cafe, 6:30am, family still sleeping – May 24

Good morning, Friends, Family et all! Excited to have a few moments to write a blog post! Since we landed in Paris, it’s been one thing or another that’s pushed it off – including teaching the kids how to blog … Continue reading

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Therese on Paris

On our way to Paris… I woke up in the morning and was too excited to be lazy and hang around in bed, so I jumped up, zipped downstairs and started packing and cleaning so we could leave the farm … Continue reading

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Grace on Paris

The ride to paris, well… was not so fun. We were all crunched up in the car, and Maddy was sick. The whole entire time she was moaning, and finally she got out and vomited on the side of the … Continue reading

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1st Post by Maddy re. our trip to France

The cruise… is all based around me! Everybody served me. They kissed my feet. They worshipped the very ground that I stood on; THEY PAPARAZZI’D ME. When we got off the cruise, people stopped worshipping me (tear!). We had to … Continue reading

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