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A spirit of blame and accusation – exposed

This morning I found out that it’ll cost 100€ (about $140.00) to iron the kids’ flower girl dresses. I was shocked, then distressed, and my mind immediately searched for and found someone to blame – Michelle. How could this happen? … Continue reading

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Norcia, Italy – reunion with Fr. Thomas, Formerly David Bolin

’twas very nice to See David at Fr. thomas. He was… David. Which is a good thing, because he is and always has been a very good man. Went to his Mass this morning, will go again tomorrow, then off … Continue reading

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Oh, thank GOD. Peace.

Friends, family, enemies, those completely indifferent to us, everyone – I can’t tell you how happy I am to be at the place we are now…  hard to describe just how happy my heart is to be here.  Will fill … Continue reading

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Things Heat Up….

We’re still alive, and we’re in Italy!  Expected a border crossing hassle, no such thing – discovered we were in Italy because the road signs changed from French to Italian.  European Union?  I don’t know much about this stuff.  but … Continue reading

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Update on the Wild Goose Chase

I’ve been waiting to write, but there’s so much to write about the task seemed – and still seems – daunting. I’m going to jump into it and see where the spirit leads me! Following the Wild Goose John Eldredge, … Continue reading

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In Awe in La Salette

Dear Friends and Family, I’ve been longing to post, but the time to sit and write something that’s really from the heart has been eluding me!  I’m not complaining – we’ve been having an amazing, miraculous time together as a … Continue reading

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Therese – the last couple of weeks

Paris was so awesome! I already blogged about the beginning of Paris, so I guess I’ll skip to the Eifel tower. It was amazing, but not exactly the color i was dreaming of. It was kind of like a dark … Continue reading

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Maddy’s Awesome Post II

Accsent please clap,calp……Parie, Parie… the city of lights…! What a DREAM actually going to a place almost as beautiful as ME..its kinda unbelievable hehehe. (NOTE THAT YOU WILL UNDERSTAND LATER ON IN THIS POST: IF YOU ARE READING THIS POST … Continue reading

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Grace’s Update from Paris to La Salette

Well, let me think… we haven’t really written a post for a while, we’ve been really busy, so I’m going to give you an update all the way from paris to now. OK, The Eifel tower… we climbed 1/2 way, … Continue reading

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The Gardiner Fam Braving a Tree Adventure in France

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