Grace’s Update from Paris to La Salette

Well, let me think… we haven’t really written a post for a while, we’ve been really busy, so I’m going to give you an update all the way from paris to now.

OK, The Eifel tower… we climbed 1/2 way, then took the elevator the rest. the view off the top was absolutely breathtaking. I could see for miles. It was really cool going to the Louvre, although the Mona Lisa was much smaller than i thought, and you couldn’t get very close (but it was till cool). It’s really awesome to be able to see all these famous things. I really, really really liked Paris, and hope to go back there again some time.

After Paris, we went to a really awesome farm. there were lots of animals. there were really cute little lambs that we really had fun playing with. There were lots of kids and we had a really cool pizza night; the food was soooo good. We also went to this really fun obstacle course up in the trees, where there were zip-lines and rope obstacles way up in the trees. i was kind of scared, but it ended up being really cool.

After the farm we drove to Lourdes. I had a really amazing time there.  Me and my mom had a really powerful talk, and I think her and me are both closer now.

After Lourdes, we went to a really old gite that was actually 300 years old, but it was restored and very nice inside.  We all had a really fun time and got to go horseback riding and had a great time.

We drove to La Salette, the site where Mary appeared that is actually the feast day on Sept. 19th, the day my parents were married, so it was really important to my mom that we came here.

I am having a really wonderful time being here with my family.  I think we are all growing closer and figuring out our problems.  It has been a trip that I will never forget.  I have grown much closer to God through the trip.  I am really grateful to my parents for taking us on this amazing adventure.

I really miss all my friends back home.  Love you all!

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3 Responses to Grace’s Update from Paris to La Salette

  1. CF says:

    Hi Grace!
    I love Paris too! Maybe a girls Paris trip is in order in the near future. : )
    Miss you!!
    Love, Claudia

  2. grace says:

    oh yes that would be sooo much fun!!!!!!
    i miss you to!!!!!!

  3. Elise Harding says:

    I am sending an early “Happy Birthday” to Grace. William’s birthday was yesterday so I know your special day is coming soon. I hope you have a fabulous, first day of being a teenager !

    Mrs. Harding

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