Prayer to be “all in”

I saw this awesome article about 4-time IronMan Champion Chrissie Wellington not long before a session with my coach (click here).  I was deeply moved, and was thinking about my own desire to be “all in” like this champion.  Tom has inspired, and I’m praying this prayer (or versions of it):

“Lord, you made me, and you made me to be a man who wants to be all in.  But you also made me to be a man who falls short.  If you don’t help me, I’m going to fail, and fail utterly, and I don’t want that!  Lord, I implore you, beg of you, give me the grace to be all in. Lord, give me, in my heart, such a powerful meaning and vision of my life – your vision – that I can be nothing other than all in.  I ask this in your holy name, Jesus.  I love you!”

– Adam
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