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5 Responses to Therese

  1. Alta says:

    I miss you.
    have lots of fun

  2. Isis says:

    Hi Therese call me some time I never here from you oh the black berries are here and the peaches and we found a cherry tree and the cherrys are so good give your self a hug for me talk to you soon p.s you are super cool don’t forget

  3. Aubrey says:

    Hey, Therese! I miss you guys soooooooo much. I hope you`re having a great time.
    My email is:
    P.S. Doodle says he misses you.

  4. Darby says:

    Hi Therese! Happy B-Day! Check your email! LUV YA AND MISS YA BYE!

  5. Aubrey says:

    Hi sis! I miss u guy sooo much!!!! CALL ME

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